To be the leader of new life style

OULiN,exudes a rich European-style brand,since 1994,OULiN has been committed to introduce the European high-end kitchen concept into the China.Product line includes high-end kitchen,smart aesrhetics kitchen electrical appliance,health and quality sink and Water Treatment,and the overall home furniture.Process equipment,design,management experts and strict quality control system from Germany and the continuous innovation OULiN International R&D team,to bring more honorable and fashion happy  life experience for more than 800 million users worldwide.Excellent  design and excellence product quality identified OULiN "Benz of  kitchen industry" position as the leader in Chinese kitchens industry.

Honor the kitchen honourable life

High-end kitchen definer who first introduced Europe Continental Kitchens China sink industry leader,pioneering the concept of the dink,the main drafter of the industry standard of the national "home stainless steel sink" "European type Chinese core" electric kitchen advocacy developers,smart aesthetic kitchen electric founders.


Five consecutive years,OULiN won the highest award of the Global Industrial Design-Red Dot Award,and won the IF Award,Green Design International Award,China Red Star Design Award,the Chinese color Application Award and other award in China and adroad.OULiN has been involved in more than ten amendments including national standards,industry standards,and got around 500 items of patents.

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